LOOK Magazine – December 25, 1945 – Southern Pacific Railroad


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Jan Stevenson is glamorous at 7:30am in a bed jacket designed by Stella Fagin.

– Full page American Railroads ad reminds readers that the railroads are moving troops home now that the war is over.
– January 31 is the last day for men now in the Army to retain their present grades by reenlisting.
– Lovely full page color Plymouth ad. Family stands at house window in front of Christmas tree at night, looking at garage with sign “Reserved for our new Plymouth.” No other words or identification on the ad.
– LOOK asks service men and women where they spent last Christmas, RdM2/c William Frykman, William Kovalenko, Pvt. James Furr, Col. Walter Clement, Sp. (Q) 3/c Necia Wintz, S/Sgt. Eutra Borger, Pfc. Walter Newton, Gordon Hanner, Si/c, Herb Walters, Capt. Hugh Russell, Lt. Muriel Schechter, T4/c Mong Yee.
– The Southern Pacific – Railroad Giant, 7-page story with many photos, flagman C.R. Tillman, janitress Mattie Hones, trackwalker Jose Nunez, engine crew dispatcher Harvey Van Altenberg, commissary butcher Frank Ciraulo, brakeman LeRoy D. Asher, engineer L. F. Christian, storekeeper Ernet Vaupel, bar tender of Lark Paul Coustaline, porter Julio Vargas, wheel moulder Jesus Maria Vasquez, gang foreman Ruperto Vasquez, reservation clerk Bruce Fyfe, engine-washer Jose Fernandez, many more.
– Chinese embassy reception for 5000.
– Full page B. F. Goodrich Koroseal ad, material for raincoats and luggage.
– New Melleray Abbey of Iowa.
– Full page American Export Lines ad suggests the sea should be 49th state, with illustration by Rockwell Kent.
– Full page color General Electric Lamps ad with illustration by E G Ward.
– Two page color article of Christmas gifts you know they’ll like, strange photo assemblage of dolls and doll house furnishings.
– Beauty while you work, airline foots the bill for employee charm school, Chicago and Southern stewardess Doris Rogers learns from Betty Coy.
– How to make a good cup of coffee.
– My Wife – Gracie Allen by George Burns and Gracie Allen.
– Lt. Thomas Russell of Ogden, Utah demonstrates his abilities as a postwar amputee and asks for no sympathy.
– Breakfast with Blondie, it’s as hectic in real life for Penny (Blondie) Singleton and Arthur (Dagwood) Lake as it is on the screen, radio, and in the comics.
– Louise Erickson is radio’s busiest teen-ager.
– LOOK’s All-America Football team, Hubert Bechtol, Texas, George Savitsky, Penn, Al Sparlis, UCLA, Richard Scott, Navy, Warren Amling, Ohio State, Thomas Hughes, Purdue, Robert Ravensberg, Indiana, Harry Gilmer, Alabama, Herman Wedemeye, St. Mary’s, Glenn Davis, Army, Felix Blanchard, Army.
– Barbara Stanwyck feature.