LOOK Magazine – December 24, 1957 – Grace of Monaco


Magazine Condition Choices :
 (NVP booklet is present)


LOOK Magazine Cover : Prince Rainier, Princess Grace and Caroline of Monaco.

– Full page Bell Telephone ad with toys for kids and Carolyn M. Kraatz and Arlene P. Halgin.
– Very pretty full page color Max Factor perfume ad in black and gold.
– Full page Buick ad with B-58 and the Sigma Chi house at University of Michigan.
– Full page movie poster ad for “Sayonara” with Marlon Brando and Miyoshi Umeki.
– Dr. Warren Weaver asks why a free Christian society appears less alert, less dedicated than a dictatorship.
– A lovely feature on Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, photos.
– The Collier Trophy award, Navy jet fighter plane Chance Vought F8U Crusader, Charles J. McCarthy, James S. Russell.
– Movie Review : Bridge on the River Kwai, with Alec Guinness, William Holden, Sessue Hayakawa.
– Full page color Esso Research ad with ski boot being laced.
– Gleb Derujinsky and Ruth Neumann, Bill and Trink Carters, George Moffett, more at crazy dinner with whole lamb on spit.
– Fashion : the bag dress, the sack dress, the chemise dress.
– Color photos of Christmas in Dallas.
– Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Commissar Wladyslaw Gomulka, Poland.
– Three is the age of make-believe, with Dionis Lindsay of North Branford, Connecticut.
– The world of comedian Danny Thomas.
– Pretty full page color Royal Gelatin ad in blackberry.
– 1957 Football All America, great photos include Bob Reifsnyder.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Hitchcock solves a murder.
– NOTE : A small size central section meant to be removed, “A new life of Jesus” by Norman Vincent Peale was numbered as pages 57-76.  It is not always present and I do not change condition grade if it is not there.  I do, however, tell you below if it is present in each copy.