LOOK Magazine – December 20, 1960 – Christmas in Hawaii


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Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Santa in Hawaii on the beach.

– Bishop Pike writes that Christianity is in retreat.
– All American Football.
– Christmas in Hawaii in full color, with text by James Michener.
– WONDERFUL full page color Coca-Cola ad with artwork of elves taking off Santa’s boots and putting on his slippers.
– David Spangler of Mancos, Colorado is only 14 years old, but already 275 pounds and nearly 7 feet tall, nice article.
– The many voices of singer Eileen Farrell, includes some fun photos of her with Louis Armstrong.
– Unusual full page color movie poster ad for “CinderFella” with Jerry Lewis, Ed Wynn and others, art by Norman Rockwell.
– Mark, David, and Nancy get a new puppy Corky for Christmas.
– Extremely bright two page 7up 7-up ad with horse and sleigh.
– Little model soliders, tin soldiers, military miniatures.
– Pierre Emil George Salinger, presidential press secretary.
– Movie review of Swiss Family Robinson.
– Fashions : party dresses for little girls based on American Primitive art.
– Arthur Rubloff, a Chicago builder, offers a plan to take the profit out of slum ownership.
– Full page color AMF bowling ad with Sharon Ritchie, Miss America.
– Actress Leticia Roman, says she’s looking for “an all-American cowboy from Texas with oil wells.”
– Does socialized medicine work in Britain?
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Football Player Dick Nolan, Giants.

No regional editions were published for this issue.