LOOK Magazine – December 19, 1950 – Jackie Robinson


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ava Gardner, George C. Marshall, Susie Parker, football player Johnny Karras, baseball player Jackie Robinson.

– LOOK Reports, the Atom today.
– Full page color ad for 1951 Nash Airflyte cars, nice photos, maroon car.
– Cute Bell Telephone ad with little boy talking to Santa on the phone.
– Charming little photo and mention of baby of Mrs. Laurence B. Smigley of Philadelphia.
– Very cool full page color BVD, B. V. D. pajamas ad with man and woman in prison stripes and ball and chain.
– Full page color Prince Gardner ad with curious art of woman in evening gown dancing with Santa, looks like it is made with fabric pieces and cotton wool.
– Hypnotist Franz J. Polgar, with Marie Angrisani, Karamac resort, flying saucers, more fun, he also retrieved hidden objects.
– Half page Trailer Living ad with Donald E. Fitzgerald and wife June and son at Army installation.
– Very pretty full page color Plymouth ad with family coming in Grandma’s front door with lots of presents, art by Norman Rockwell.
– Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls”.
– Half page color Herbert Tareyton cigarettes ad with Mrs. Charles Amory.
– James Bryant Conant gives his program for the survival of America.
– 1950 All America football team.
– Frank Sinatra celebrates an opening night with a party at Toots Shor’s.
– Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall of Leesburg, Virginia.
– Feature on baseball player Jackie Robinson.
– Very, very nice full page color Coca-Cola ad with Santa and little kids getting sodas out of the fridge.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation ad, Holiday Visitors with art by Douglass Crockwell, 50 in series.
– The Madonna in American folk art.
– Full page color Hamilton watches ad with art by Ward Brackett, second matching ad very similar.
– Radio Show “Life with Luigi.”
– Christmas gifts ideas for gifts that last all year long.
– A documentary film on Breast Self-Examination.
– Road racing, death on wheels, Queen Catharine Montour Cup race in Watkins Glen, New York, U.S. Grand Prix, includes wreckage of Sam Collier’s Ferrari, boys on telephone pole to watch, wreckage of Bill Milliken’s Bugatti, Marsh Thomas in the hay, and more, car racing.
– Ava Gardner does a movie in Spain, includes Sheila Stewart, Mario Cabre, Jack Cardiff, others.
– Full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ad with basketball player George Mikan.
– Full page color Scotch tape ad with lots of colored and patterned tapes.
– Nehru’s sister tells about him, loneliest man in India.
– Youngstown Ohio, “Little Chicago” cleans up the racketeers, Police chief Edward J. Allen Jr., Dan Maggianetti, others.
– Humorous piece on How to Get a Husband, by Cora Carlyle.
– Movie review of “The Jackpot” with James Stewart.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Baited Fishing Trip.