LOOK Magazine – December 10, 1968 – Pablo Picasso


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Look Magazine Cover :  Pope Paul IV

– Elegant 2 page color Warner’s lingerie ad, women in pale blue in a sea of bubbles.
– Mrs. Mao’s Revenge, Chiang Ch’ing discovers her power among China’s elite.
– Gambler’s Anonymous, compulsive gambling.
– Should the Pope Retire?
– Catholics and their agony over birth control issues.
– An interview with Pablo Picasso, art, color photos, 7 pages.
– FAKE, the artist behind the greatest art swindle of the 20th century tells his story, Elmyr de Hory, Fernand Legros, Real Lessard, excerpt from the book by Clifford Irving, includes photos of some of the forgeries.
– Food for night-people.
– Pop fashion for parties, Gloria Vanderbilt (Mrs. Wyatt Cooper), Marisol Escobar, Louise Nevelson.
– Immortal Isadora Duncan, new movie starring Vanessa Redgrave, 5 pages with photos.
– Can the South Vietnamese Army replace US GIs?
– Greatcoats for men.
– Through Bedlam’s Door with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Anne Sexton, with some of her poetry.
– William Hedgepeth pleads, “Local Government, Please Come Home.”
– How to Succeed in Business after Centuries of Trying, Winston Burnett.
– Miss Lainie Kazan, Regional M pages.
– All American football 1968.