LOOK Magazine – December 1, 1970 – Dustin Hoffman


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Look Magazine Cover : Dustin Hoffman as an old west gunfighter.

– Some vituperous letters to the editor about the Sexual Privacy piece in the LOOK magazine October 20, 1970 issue.
– Full page color Budweiser beer ad for TV special with John Wayne.
The scary world of the slightly aging executive who was fired at age 49, Keith Bose : this story has much in common with the plight of those in the 2008-2010 recession.
– LOOK magazine movie review for “Little Fauss and Big Halsy”, motorcycles.
– Do we need a new Pledge of Allegiance?
– A new take on the odyssey of the original American Pilgrims.
– C. P. Snow and his son Philip Snow talk about what is right and wrong about the USA, long piece.
– Getting more electric power.
Dustin Hoffman and Arthur Penn in the movie “Little Big Man.”
– Two page color Sunbeam ad with Jean Shrimpton, curious Floating Free Hair Dryer and more.
Sex and racisim in the National Football League, includes St. Louis Cardinals, Lantern bar, Joe Robb, Bill Koman, Jimmy Hill, more, long and well-written piece that certainly puts the “Good old days” into a bad light.
– Gadgets with the workings on view, Regional M page.
– Jane Birkin, R rated movie actress, Regional M pages.
– Face lifts for men, Clarence B. Richards, Dr. Kurt Wagner.