LOOK Magazine – August 7, 1945 – $10 Date


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Marine General Vandegrift.

– A couple more cute little photos of Miss Eileen O’Reilly (LOOK May 15, 1945 in letters).
– Cute photos of Charlie Fein and Elie Silverman of Hartford, hitchhiking on vacation by offering to give cigarettes to the driver, Want a Smoke?, Pick us up, averaged 25 miles per cigarette.
– David Cooke tells his favorite war story, the soldier who dreamed that he was going to be killed.
– Neat stories from Travelers Aid workers who received various appeals for help.
– Postwar Veteran Opportunities series (first in series), Ronald D. Smith and wife Elaine explore the area of Salt River Valley in Arizona, including Roosevelt Dam, irrigated farm lands.
– Big photo of apartment front with folks hanging out windows to look at police and murdered man on sidewalk.
– The nature of human behavior, Morbid Curiosity, crowd watching suicide, stabbing victim, and such.
– Avoiding being gypped, Mrs. Gullible consumer, OPA.
– Nice photo of designer Bonnie Cashin dressing Linda Darnell.
– Can DeGaulle revive France?
– The U.S. Marines paint their own history, includes John Clymer, Tom Lovell, in color.
– Joe Cotton is a heart throb at age forty.
– Full page American Export Lines ad with neat pen and ink art of the Rock of Gibraltar, art by Rockwell Kent.
– Full page color Allison aircraft engines ad with pilot giving the OK sign, art by Walter Richards.
– Research makes jobs, Human Ingenuity case history from the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, includes cellophane tape, wet-use sandpaper, Scotch masking tape, reflective beads for road signs, more.
– Model sailboats in lake in New York’s Central park, includes Gerald Moore, John Hall, John W. Ericson, Thomas Powell, Jackie Moore, Pete Adler, others.
– Charles Orth of Philadelphia, Chick, is a One man salvage drive.
– Going on a $10 date in New Orleans, Joe Hannan, Dot Ulmo, very charming piece!
– Full page color 7up Fresh up ad with beach scene, To look fresh: keep your spirits fresh.
– LOOK All America High School track team.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Double Brushoff.
– Movie Review of “A Bell for Adano.”
– Full page Old Gold cigarettes ad with standard poodle, Why be irritated?, art by Monet.
– Infantile Paralysis, polio, includes full page color photo of five kids in therapy pool.
– Very, very cool photo of truck driving underwater, color Chrysler ad.