LOOK Magazine – August 6, 1957 – Sophia Loren


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Sophia Loren in burgundy velvet, fur, rubies and diamonds.

– The Americanization of Sophia Loren.
– New hope for Acne victims, dermatology, mentions myth that teenagers sex habits cause acne.
– Inside the N.A.A.C.P., Ruby Hurley, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, includes Jack Greenberg, Cortez Puryear, Mrs. L. L. Graham, Tom Harris.
– Full page color Betty Crocker ad with cute ideas for cupcakes.
– Neat full page color Western Electric ad with the White Alice antenna in Alaska.
– The descent of Dave Back, labor boss.
– The rise of the brothers Kennedy, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Jackie, nice candid photos.
– Full page color Canadian Club whisky and Jules Gindraux hunting WITH cheetahs.
– Mickey Mantle’s private world, Yankee baseball player.
– Full page color Dial soap ad with small art by Winnie Fitch.
– Camera drone, spy camera, Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
– Hugh O’Brian plays Mr. Wyatt Earp.
– Rather funny full page color Gleem toothpaste ad with family camping with a huge amount of stuff.
– Fashion, dresses inspired by paintings at the New York Metropolition Museum of Art.
– Teresa Brewer, singer.
– Cooking with tomatoes, recipes.
– Crushable straw hats.
– Marlboro cigarettes is doing a series of “Marlboro Man” ads with a manly man, usually a blue color worker, or military type (picture tattoos) in skimpy clothes – no western theme in sight, this issue has a wrestler (I think).
– The Reverend Mother Ruth, a Protestant Episcopal nun, St. Hilda’s school.
– Rather pretty full page color Trix cereal ad with mother in teal and child in pink.
– The story behind the painting, Giotto, St. Francis renouncing the world.