LOOK Magazine – August 30, 1960 – Mussolini


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Mussolini.

– Mussolini, his Socialist beginnings, women, creation of fascism, domination by Hitler, inglorious end, huge feature.
– Why our hospitals are in trouble, poorly trained foreign doctors and interns, includes Ricardo Herena, also much about poor foreign hospital and medical care.
– Full page Kodak ad with Harriet Nelson and family.
– Bell Telephone ad with test for Defensive Driving (safe driving tips).
– Check out the Letters to the Editor about “Sit-Downs” in LOOK July 5, 1960!
– Full page Mead Johnson ad for Metrecal, weight loss powdered food.
– Jack LaLanne, Television top Health Merchant, fitness show, includes photos of Sue Pharris, Sharon Moore (airline hostesses), Dinah Shore.
– The tapestry sweater : fashions.
– Veal recipes.
– Two page color Goodyear tires ad showing John C. Lodge Expressway in Detroit.
– Cute full page color Samsonite luggage ad with five cheerleaders, white sweater with yellow S, red skirts.
– Cuddly photos of yawning lion cubs in the Copenhagen zoo.
– Queen Elizabeth and her daughter Princess Anne, royal look-alikes.
– Why the Cold War turned Hot by Victor Zorza.
– Simone Signoret, her lives and loves, husband is Yves Montand.
– A new kind of vacation, on a houseboat, Patricia and John Liston on the St. Croix River.
– Passive resistance in the south, School for sit-ins, teaching Negros how to conduct an effective sit-down strike, Priscilla Washington, Foster Miles, these dated articles sure make whites of the time look ridiculous, how could they be so petty?
– Baseball player Ron Hansen, Baltimore Orioles.

No regional editions were printed for this issue.