LOOK Magazine – August 27, 1963 – Teenage Failures


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Teenagers hanging out with a car.

– For Sale : Our defense secrets, NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain at Colorado Springs, Colorado.
– Poland in 1963, Wyszynski, Juwenalia, Zbigniew Kupczynski, Warsaw University, Beata Tyszkiewicz, state nursery for children, a long piece
– The tense generation, teenagers who are already a failure at age 16, stealing, vandalizing, taking drugs, declaring war on society, a very long article, doesn’t give names.
– Full page ad for Life Nutrition Vitamin and Mineral supplement.
– Full page color Coca-Cola ad with strawberries frozen into ice cubes.
– Bold yellow and red two page Swift’s Premium bacon ad.
– Beaded doorway curtains.
– Alfred Hitchcock gives a dinner party, recipes.
– Two page color Kodak film ad with group sitting on a rock at Acadia National Park, Winter Harbor, Maine.
– Folk singers and their fans, Miriam Makeba, Molly Scott, Chad Mitchell Trio, Joan Baez, Bill Monroe and Doc Watson, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Jean Ritchie.
– Folk song fashions, bulky knits and more.
– Two page Sears ad, one page is a color photo of a Hartford boy with a split Softball.
– Why Israel wants peace, by David Ben-Gurion.
– Fred Hutchinson, manager of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, includes super photo of pitcher Jim O’Toole and others.
– Cesarean births, are they safe?, Dr. S. B. Gusberg of Mt. Sinai Hospital, a long piece that talks about current hospital practices.
– Full page color Smirnoff Vodka ad with Commander Edward Whitehead.
– Grave rubbers, taking rubbings from headstones (Regional page).
– Full page color Aurora toilet paper ad, by Northern, yellow on one side, white on the other (Regional page).
– Dr. Gaine Cannon, Blue Ridge Good Samaritan, Balsam Grove, North Carolina, Helen McCall, Gertrude Raschke.
– Full page color 7up 7-up ad with cute badminton theme.