LOOK Magazine – August 26, 1941 – Fort Benning


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Two women in swimming suits, applying a decal to make a patterned suntan mark, Peggy Moran and Elaine Morey.

– Inside South America, Nazi invasion has already started, by John Gunther : huge feature with lots of photos.
– Beware, America!, Hitler has already started his campaign, by Pierre Van Paassen.
– Bettye Jane Mims is Golf’s new glamour girl.
– Anna Freud writes about what bombing does to British babies, includes Patrick Nuna, Roger Brewster, very nice article about the effects of war on little kids.
– Ann Eden and Bonnie Donahue go to Nantucket, photo essay, with Lighthouse, windmill, the Pacific Club, sloop Argonaut, Charles Sayle, Herbert Coffin, more.
– Two photo essay pages on “Circus”, Mitchell Leisen’s dance troup, includes Mary Parker, Billy Daniel.
– August weddings, Mary Johnson, shows but does not name her husband, wedding prep, statistics, long piece, lots of photos – neat vintage wedding summary.
– Cooking for fun, super juicy hamburger, Mary Johnson.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Cobb Hooks a Fisherman.
– Leon Henderson is FDR’s tough guy, Price Czar, head of Office of Price Administration and Consumer Supply.
– 21 models go to Quantico to contribute to morale in the Marine camp, includes Alfred Rhode, motorcycles with sidecars, swimsuits, more.
– Movie Review : Sergeant York, with Loan Leslie, Gary Cooper, story of Alvin C. York.
– Fort Benning, Georgia and the Second Armored Division and the 501st Parachute battalion, includes motorcycles, jeeps, tanks, Carl Lindenmayer, Henry McLemore, parachutists.
– Dress forms, dress maker’s dummy for fitting garments while they are being made.
– How to raise your own mink coat, American Fur Farms, Goshen, New York, Doris Crane, Wally Turner.
– Baseball player Tommy Holmes, plays for Newark.
– Vacation fashions modeled by Helen Mack.