LOOK Magazine – August 25, 1964 – Bobby Kennedy


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Bobby Kennedy waving to crowd.

– The Cuban crisis, how close were we to war?
– Full page Remington Roll-a-matic shaver ad with letter from Sergeant Martin Hayes.
– Robert F. Kennedy and his ambitions, long piece, lots of photos.
– Full page Bulova watch ad with 59 different air hostesses, flight attendants, stewardesses.
– Full page color Ipana Durenamel tooth paste ad.
– Two page color Ford Mustang ad, in white at World’s fair, M pages.
– Yummiest ever full page color Howard Johnson’s ad with strawberry ice cream cones, M page.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Richard Gail, Virginia Van Brunt, Robert Peay.
– Reporter Fletcher Knebel moves to Florida, friends hoot, he loves it.
– Teenage wedding in Russia, Lebedev Oleg Ivanovich and Nina Ivanova, M pages.
– Actresses Julie Christie in color, nice piece.
– Steamed clams, directions.
– Fashions : international sweaters, Keiko Abe, Ana Maria and Naty Abascal, Jill Kennington, Inki Moeckel, Hedi Gotting, more.
– Fashions : Beach sweaters, John Cronin, Pamela Curran.
– They made our world, # 10 in series, Mahatma Gandhi, art by Ben Shahn.
– A close-up on Poverty, Earl and Mary O’Haire, Boston slum, a wonderful piece.
– Television reporter Walter Cronkite.
– Charming full page color White Owl invincible ad with man dressed as Viking.
– Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, with manager Gene Mauch, Cookie Rojas, Bobby Wine, Richie Allen, Jim Bunning, Johnny Callison, Wes Covington, Art Mahaffey, others.