LOOK Magazine – August 20, 1968 – Politics in 1968


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Cartoon of a political convention for McCarthy and Nixon, Art by Franklin McMahon.

Politics special issue : 36 pages on 1968 Politics, are horse and buggy conventions setting our future?
– The four candidates tell why they want the presidency.
Green Bay Packer football player Jerry Kramer’s diary, a log from the locker room from training camp to championship.
– Mike Yunker, cautious activist, talks on changing the establishment.
– As part of the political pages, there are photos of and quotes by Howard Teegen, Dianne Dumanoski, Leon Hall, Craigh Winkel, Mary Roelofs, Marge Wolf.
– Full page Ayds weight loss ad with Joanne Folk Chambers.
– Two page color artwork by Norman Rockwell (painted for LOOK magazine), for the article “The right to know.”
– The ISSUES section includes :
– – – War and Peace
– – – The issues for the Vietnam war,
– – – Black and White;
– – – Ghetto – violence and crime;
– – – Troubled dollar.
– Fashion : the political poster dress.
Inflatable furniture, includes Annamarie Domas, Byron and Joyce Bell.
– Craig Claiborne is the Gourmet’s Gourmet, food critic of the New York Times.
– Full page color Budweiser ad that looks like a giant can label.