LOOK Magazine – August 19, 1958 – Suzy Parker


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Suzy Parker.

– The strange case of Suzy Parker, model, Pitou.
– Racial ordeal in Levittown, William and Daisy Myers – yup, some of the “good” folks of Levittown were horrible to them, just because they were black, Lewis Wechsler was a good friend as were a few others..
– How to keep your man alive, physical and mental health.
– Full page Bell telephone ad with William T. Wright, Jr., lineman.
– Lou Atzenweiler lives with a Russian family, Ivan Ivanov – photo essay.
– Thank heavens for little girls, Maurice Chevalier and friend Pamela Micharlsen.
– Skin divers eat what they catch, Jack Pugh, Coliene Murphy, Billie Bourgeois, more.
– Baseball’s strangest story, the battle of Chavez Ravine to build the Dodgers a new home.
– Fashion, jumpers, Margie and Susan Gale, Almeda Brubaker, Margie McElroy.
– San Francisco’s Bohemians : bored, bearded, beat, Wally Berman, Shirley Berman, Linda Cherney, Eric Nord.
– Joshua Logan writes about “Recovery from Fear.”
– Talking books for the blind, books on records.
– Zoo babies.