LOOK Magazine – August 18, 1959 – Princess Grace


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Princess Grace of Monaco and her two children in a swimming pool.

– How Mamie’s brother-in-law thrives in Washington, Gordon Moore.
– A big feature on Princess Grace.
– Photos by Herbert Breuer of women with brand new babies, Nyack Community Hospital, New York.
– Charming full page color Savings and Loan Foundation ad for Insured FDIC savings with little red headed boy getting a haircut.
– Television celebrity Edward R. Murrow takes a year off, includes photo of Larry LeSueur.
– Full page orange ad for Tang, instant breakfast drink.
– Michelle Whalley is a girl in love, Kym Woolston, Van Nuys, California, great period piece.
– Full page color Campbell’s soups ad with James T. Wormley of Oswego, Illinois, champion tomato grower.
– Grassless gardens, a Japanese influence, raking sand, Thornton Ladd.
– Corn on the cob, photo, serving ideas.
– Fashions : Givenchy designs in the United States.
– Two page color United States Brewers Foundation ad with man and woman water skiing.
– Full page color Kodak ad with Ernie Ford and family.
– Men’s fashions : flashy Indian Madras plaids.
– Lyndon Johnson, can a southerner be elected President?
– Baseball player Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs.
– Jack Paar writes about his path to comedic fame.
– Movie Review : North by Northwest, Cary Grant, Eva Mariet Saint, Mount Rushmore National Monument.
– Full page color Viceroy cigarettes ad with art by Slayton Underhill of sailor navigator.
– The story behind the painting # 39, Braque, Atelier VIII.
– Two small boys are buddies, Gregory and Mark from Setauket, New York.