LOOK Magazine – August 12, 1969 – Big Business of Military


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Look Magazine Cover : Distorted photo of businessman and military man waltzing together.

– The big business of American militarism, who profits?, who pays?, who commands?, who dies?
– Marine boot camp (no names, but lots of great photos).
– Military incident at Van Duong, illustrations by Bill Oakes.
– The draft, is it hazardous to your health?
– The military reserves, National Guard, army reserve, Marine corps reserve and such, includes Ronald Figgins, Marine reservist out of San Bruno California, Dan Apostolu, Jack Wilhite and other commercial pilots out of Denver, Steve Pizzo, Chuck Williams, John Bright, Richard Dodge, Gerry Reynolds, others.
– Full page Total cereal ad with poor Millie Bensen trying to feed three toddlers, Regional M page.
– Michael Butler, the millionaire who made “Hair.”
– Charlotte Ford is the most eligible girl in the U.S.
– Many letters to the editor pertaining to the Smother Brothers and censoring article in LOOK Magazine June 24, 1969.
– Another great Volkswagen ad, “Live below your means.”
– Henry Kissinger is the strategist in the White House Basement.
– Two pages on crayfish, with photos and recipes.
– Fashion : after-swim short kimonos for men and women, Regional M page.
– Pinheads, about different “Hair Up” styles for women, Camilla Sparv, Amy Green, Regional M pages.
– Full page American Express Travelers Cheques ad with Lee Kurty.