LOOK Magazine – August 11, 1953 – Bonneville Salt Flats


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Cyd Charisse.

– Wow!, Letter to the Editor from Marilyn Monroe about Stanley Gordon, with photo.
– Full page color Beech-nut gum ad with Baseball pitcher Robin Roberts of the Phillies, plus La Virgne Krauss, a stenographer of Irvington, New Jersey.
– Half page Mollywood-Maxwell V-ette bra ads, looks very space alien babe.
– Humorous little photo and comments from some of the Miss Universe crown contenders, Miss Denmark Jyette Olsen says “I’m not interested in men, I like dogs.”
– The beginning of a revolt again Red tyranny, outraged Czech workers riot, a great piece with Vaclav, Karel, Ladislav, others.
– Arctic watch, Alaskan Command radar sites and fighter bases, good photos, no names.
– Have atom bomb tests fouled the weather?
– Beauty and the beach, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, beauty contest, includes Renee Du Rant.
– Adlai Stevenson writes on Israel, no peace.
– Full page color Philip Morris cigarettes ad with Lucille Ball.
– Full page Santa Fe railroad ad showing machine that fills refrigerator cars with ice.
– Boxer Floyd Patterson, champ for tomorrow.
– Film cartoonists model with a new material, Pyrocon made by Bakelite, McBoing Boing, Mr. Magoo.
– Movie review of Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, we just watched it – super film!
– Race cars on Utah’s Bonneville salt flats, speed records, includes Cannonball from Colorado with driver Willie young, others.
– Nice feature on John Wayne.
– Little league baseball can hurt your boy, includes photos of Monongahela, Pennsylvania players.
– Does morality make sense?
– Arthur Godfrey’s show “Talent Scouts” uses audience applause to pick winners, but lots of the losers go on to win, too, Mary McCarty, Denise Lor, Edith Adams, Wally Cox, others.
– Fashions, neat takes on the Sari.
– Chasing coyotes with greyhounds, New Mexico’s red-neck “fox hunting.”
– The musical “Band Wagon”