LOOK Magazine – August 10, 1965 – Sorensen Writes about Kennedy


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : JFK and Jackie.

– Kennedy by Sorensen (The most important publishing event of 1965), part 1.
– Full page MONY Mutual of New York insurance ad with sheep rancher Eugene Garber of Ismay, Montana.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Richard Brown, Jeanne Sully, Edward R. Sullivan.
– Cute full page Investor-owned electric companies ad with family flying mobile camper of the future which looks like a flying saucer.
– Charming full page color Humble Oil, Esso ad with Tiger riding in car with old couple, cartoon style art, M page.
– Full page Civic Reading Club ad with photos of franchise student owners George Thompson, Ron Lehigh, Robert Veurink, Charles Foley, Walter Cosgrove, and Joseph Winter, M page.
– Cute half page cartoon by Hoest pertaining to quicksand and curiosity, M page.
– Two page Mobil gas ad with Mr. E. Hartley of Denver and a Mobil dealer.
– Japan, 20 years after the surrender, by Frank Gibney, super, big article, includes among much more Nagaskai, Kuniko Kosasas, Ryuko Kosasas, Fred W. LeSueur, Jr., Wayne A. McFarland, Mikio Watanabe.
– Bedside llama, Elvira visits the Children’s hospital, Zurich Zoo.
– Paul Hornung, football star, speaks candidly about high pressure recruiting and gambling players (see also big feature in LOOK Magazine July 27, 1965).
– Very nice full page color GMC truck ad with red V6 pickup.
– Full page color Smirnoff vodka ad with dance master Killer Joe Piro.
– Dr. Anne Biezanek of Wallasey, England defies her church over birth control.
– Fashions : Men’s striped blazers, George Gentry, Phil Waters, M page.
– Fashions : Little girl styles for big girls, Mrs. Thomas Auchincloss, Dionis Lindsay, length varies, M pages.
– Full page Flying A gasoline and auto service, M page.
– Walter Reuther, leader of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, a tough man.