LOOK Magazine – April 8, 1952 – Automobile Industry


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Gorgeous photo of Susan Hayward.

– Clyde Sukeforth, ex-coach of Brooklyn Dodgers, tells why they blew the pennant.
– Top fashions in a circus setting.
– The Negro problem moves north, by Hodding Carter, includes photo of a white mob in Cicero, Illinois.
– What do you know about marriage?
– Full page color Canada Dry Ginger ale ad with Easter bunny theme.
– Two page General Electric ad pertaining to subcontract in Waterville, Maine, Ed Bowden, Elaine Sawtelle, Geraldine Brewer, Buddy Cox, Mainair Service, Arthur G. Eustis, Ray Pape, Bernard Bragg, Russell Squire, A. J. Chick Poulin.
– Full page color Santa Fe railroad ad with San Ildefonso Ko-Sha-Ri Indian dancer.
– Full page ad for United Jewish Appeal, bringing homeless Jews to Israel.
– Pretty half page color Royal Crown cola ad with female tennis player.
– Two page movie poster ad for “The battle at Apache Pass”, one page lists theatres playing it.
– Joshua trees.
– LOOK magazine applauds John Gassner, world drama, theater.
– Boxing photos, including Don Fulton, Willard Leek, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Johnny Bratton and many others, photographers are Ray Snyder, Andrew Lopez, Joe Migon, Ray Howard, James Klingensmith, Mathew Zimmerman.
– Concert music in America, includes director Dr. Bruno Walter, more.
– Mrs. A. H. Heusinkveld takes photos of her own baby’s birth, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, includes Sister Mary DeLillis, Mrs. Dean Woodford, Dr. S. M. Llehr, Ellen Souchek.
– Booming aviation industry in Texas, includes great two page photo of a Chance Vought Navy jet fighter plane and many others.
– The story of little Linda Fox, six years old and has rheumatoid arthritis.
– Full page color Unites States Brewers Foundation beer ad, # 66 in Home Life series, art by Ray Prohaska.
– Adventure in Venezuela, Orinoco river, Guaica, Hector Acebes.
– Fancy pants for men, African print fabrics, golfer Thomas Shevlin.
– The world that Henry Ford made, part 2, automobile industry.
– Movie review : With a Song in my Heart, Jane Froman, Susan Hayward.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Clearly Murder.
– Full page color Early Times whiskey ad with excellent horse racing art by John Clymer.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Dick Haymes, singer.