LOOK Magazine – April 7, 1970 – Drug Use Among Youth


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Young girl, Terry Gallozzi, sniffed glue at 14, hit pot and pills at 15, speed at 16, shot heroin at 17.

– How can you tell if your child is taking drugs?
– Golfer Arnold Palmer tells how to improve your golf game by 10 strokes.
– A full color guide to the popular new models of foreign cars, very nice and colorful article.
– Full page Volkswagen ad, “In 1949 we sold 2 Volkswagens in the USA.”
– Two page Sears Steel-belted radial tires ad with dune buggy kind of vehicle in Baja California race, probably and early Baja 1000 race, lists it as the Baja 832.
– Full page report on Florida, General Development Corporation, Regional M page.
– Cuba revisited, seeing Havana without getting hijacked.
– Daniel Patrick Moynihan lines up with the Robber Barons, the conservatives.
– The Moog synthesizer, Walter Carlos.
– Full page color Pizza hut ad with rather dried up looking pizza, plus half page listing all Pizza Hut locations.
– Two page color Sinclair Arco ad for drilling oil on the North Slope of Alaska.
– Full page color ad for the Mike Douglas show, the Philadelphia Kid.
– What the English are doing about heroin, Tommy Oliver, St. Clement’s Drug Unit, June Frewer, Roy Burrell, Raymond Shad, Jimmy Latimer, Julie Bailey, Carol Hammersley, Vincent Purcell.
– Do drugs lead to violence?, illustrations by Chas. B. Slackman.
– Very cute cartoon by Oldden about a sinking ship, a dunce, and the Maritime Training Ship.
– Artichokes, photo and recipes.
– Hudson River habitat, an apartment complex with terraces on top, Regional M page.
– Full page Easter Seal Fund ad with little boy on crutches, Regional M page.
– Making your child physically fit by age five, Bonnie Prudden, Robbie Aikins, Holly Maurice, Cheryl Lee Cardillo, Brenda Merz, Sonja Hellman, Holly Maurice, more.