LOOK Magazine – April 7, 1942 – Cost of Military Gear


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Model Evelyn Frey, with sailboat?

– Inside cover full color ad for “Kipling’s Jungle Book” movie with Sabu, Joseph Calleia, John Qualen.
– Half page Pan-American Coffee Bureau ad with Sammy Kaye, Glenn Miller and Betty Grable.
– Meet the Real Stalin by Joseph E Davies, fawning article about how he is really nice guy, several photos.
– Wendell Willkie answers 18 questions, photos and article about what he believes.
– School Lunches at Highland New York school, Grace Caston, Isabel Phillips, Geraldine Tatum, Elizabeth Coutant, Hazel Relyea, Edward Vertullo, William Minard, meals help them grow and do better in school.
– House of Maps of Words by Avery Strakosch, Dorothy Thompson’s house of her dreams, long article on her great and functional house.
– Cost of military items, Rifle $85, Submachine Gun $150, .45 automatic $65, 155mm Howitzer $20,000, Light Tank $25,000, Parachute $300, Motorcycle $400, Flying Fortress B-17E $350,000 – cool article and photos.
– Janet Blair goes to Arizona for vacation, horse riding, dancing, hanging with Indians, hog tied, sun bathing.
– Youth on Broadway, Rosemary Lane, Nancy Walker, June Allyson, Gil Stratton, Jack Jordan, Maureen Cannon, Billy Renfield, Mary Parker.
– Little Joe Louis by Jack Singer actually about boxer Ray Robinson, training and at home, Danny Cox, Curt Horrman, George Gainsford.
– Nazis Destroy Reds, pictures from Berlin – Panzer tanks, ME 109, bombed railroads.
– Fisherman’s Paradise, Virginia’s Sandie Yess Lodge and resort on lake Mobjack Bay, Frank A McMahon, Dick Coogan, Gay Coogan
– Easter Hat fashion show, Lucile Watson, Rachel Kogl, Patricia Hitchcock, Marilyn Jean Miller, Vivien Shaw, Louise Campbell
– Montana Ranch Life, Telle Carter, Sandra Michael, Karin Michael, Asger Michael, Clarence Mongomery, photos of ranching, ranch life, rodeo and animals.
– Back page ad for Shredded Ralston with Dumb Dora cartoon.