LOOK Magazine – April, 1937 – Distracted Drivers


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Goofy photo of woman kissing male driver and distracting him.

– Third issue published (Vol. 1, No. 4)
– 200 pictures, 1001 facts!
– 38,500 killed!, How auto accident deaths can be prevented.
– Secrets of success from great men.
– Marlene Dietrich, little known facts, rare photos, in trousers, with child.
– Cheating death, man shot from cannon, Victor Zacchini.
– Child Labor, two million fill jobs which men need.
– A monument to a traitor, Pieter Erberveld in Batavia, 1722.
– HORRIBLE photos of traffic accidents including woman hit up on the sidewalk by a car with license plate 025571, traffic law violators being forced to look at accident victims in the morgue, X-ray of door handle embedded in skull, kids playing in the street, a man and bicycle crushed under a bus, invention for pushing people out of the way of truck tires, train engine 481 hitting a car, much more.
– LOOK Magazine’s moral of the story : Be Smart and Live, Longer life is the dividend for brains.
– Full page photo comparisons of helmets from 1537 (an armet) and 1937 (airplane pilot), they look very similar and rather gruesome.
– The choosing of a new Pope, Pius XI.
– Child labor in cotton field, coal mines, sweatshop, harvest, lumberyard.
– Photographing soft body tissues with a wire connected to a radio, not Xray.
– GORGEOUS two page color center spread photo of Marlene Dietrich, it looks colorized or hand tinted and is beautiful. (see bottom of this listing for a photo).
– Fakirs are fakers, bed of nails.
– Cardiff giant, world’s greatest hoax, statue buried on farm then presented as ancient.
– Snake eating a rat.
– Separation of Siamese twins, Zelda and Elda Alsleben, Glencoe, Minnesota.
– Strange feats of hypnotism.
– Freak weddings, on water skis in California (a single big platform, probably an Aquaplane), Woman with debt marrying convicted criminal (in 1700s), Armless man and vaudeville group.
– Face masks, technique invented by Miss Harriet Meyer of Vassar.
– 7 rules for a good marriage.
– Very humorous instructions for the Apache dance, Gracie Fields, Gracie Allen.
– Skeletons teach good posture.
– Back cover color photo is of Jean Harlow, lovely!