LOOK Magazine – April 15, 1958 – Vinyl Records


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Various recording artists including Elvis, Sinatra, McGuire sisters, Johnny Mathis.

– The revolution in record making, growth industry, lots of artists.
– The woman behind Khrushchev, Nina Khrushchev.
– Is greed killing baseball? : feature on the Big Leagues by C. Leo DeOrsey, with sections on Tom Greenwade, Red Sharp, Jerry Hall, Clifford Sharp, Jackie Davis, more.
– Full page color ad for Fab detergent with 10 cent coupon.
– A number of letters to the editor pertaining to “The Shrinking South” from LOOK magazine March 4, 1958, and to Father Pfau’s article in the same issue.
– Lovely full page color ad with platinum blonde for Pond’s Angel Touch makeup.
– The unending search for higher fidelity sound for stereos, sound systems.
– Home living : the Plastic age.
– Movie review : The Young Lions with May Britt and Marlon Brando.
– Nice two page ad for Ford Motor Company, five colorful cars Edsel, Mercury, Ford, Continental, and Thunderbird.
– The avocado!
– New fashions in raincoats.
– Full page color Ford ad for Country Sedan station wagons with Colorado ranch theme, yellow and white car.
– The story behind the painting, # 26, Rouault and “Holy Face.”
– Full page Chevrolet ad with helicopter pilot checking out a woman driving below, art by Austin Briggs.
– Feature on young Dr. Norman Gottreich, training to become a psychiatrist.
– Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion – long interview.
– Two page GM ad featuring Harold Davies, president of Acme Spring Company.
– Fashion tricks with lots of necklaces.
– Nice photo feature on Lita Milan, actress.