LOOK Magazine – April 1, 1969 – Life in New York City


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Look Magazine Cover : A well dressed young couple on the streets of New York.

– Betty Rollin writes about “Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, and Me.”
– Joseph Roddy, Minnesota poet, talks about McCarthy.
– War in Biafra, people are starving.
– Yachting fashions.
– The Univeristy of Minnesota leads the nation in sex education with a course in “Human Sexual Behavior,” Professor Gerhard Neubeck.
– Two page color Canadian Club ad boasts of a watertight case sunk on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and dares customers to go look for it.
– Actor Tony Quinn at home in Italy with his family, 4 pages of color photos.
– Controversial labor leader Cesar Chavez talk about nonviolence as a difficult but useful action for change.
– New York, is it still the Dream City, or has it become a nightmare?
– Former Iowan Essie Borden makes New York City her home now.
– Think smaller, spend bigger, pay more, go private is the way to save cities like New York, says Edward Logue.
– Gene Shalit pans Maggie Smith’s portrayal of Miss Jean Brodie in the film by that name.
– Mrs. Harold Simpson founded the Driftwood Humane Society and is the canine-catching grandma of Lennox Township, New York, dog catcher, Regional M pages.
– Interesting full page UNOX ham ad with Dutch girl and windmill, Regional M page.
– Cardboard carpentry, Tri-Wall Pak, kids building kits, includes Carr School in Newtonville, John Ward School in Newton Centre, Regional M pages.
– All America Basketball players announced: Alcindor of UCLA, McMillan of Columbia, Haywood of Detroit, Mount of Purdue, Issel of Kentucky, Murphy of Niagara, Malloy of Davidson, Ogden of Santa Clara, Maravich of LSU, Scott of North Carolina.
– Recipes : the secret of a good stew.
– German model-turned-actress Astrid Heeren on location in Yugoslavia.