Life Magazine September 6, 1963 – Negro March


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Life Magazine Cover : Leaders of the Negro march, Randolph and Rustin.

  • Another sacrifice by fire, flames of fury in Vietnam.
  • Hollywood’s great enigma, Burt Lancaster.
  • Pork lovers are no credit to our democracy – editorial.
  • Cute full page color Bell Telephone System ad, cartoon-style illustration of Betsy Bell in a tutu lecturing to a stuffed bear.
  • Slow-poke baseball pitchers, including Jim Bunning.
  • Large feature article : The Washington March, Negroes stage a mighty protest and challenge the nation’s conscience.
  • John Pennel sets a new world’s record in the pole vault with 17 feet.
  • Pitcher Warren Spahn makes acting debut.
  • David Fellin and Henry Throne are rescued from Pennsylvania coal mine – still trying for Louis Bova.
  • Underground explosion traps 25 miners in potash mine near Moab, Utah – 3,200 feet below the surface.
  • Very attractive full page color Royal typewriter ad.
  • Trestle-tunnel highway nears completion across Chesapeake Bay.
  • Cliff jumpers in Australia.
  • Contessa Christina.
  • New drug conquers the Herpes simplex virus.
  • Two page Sears ad announces new kind of “gentle” honey-bee, the Midnite, available for purchase next spring.
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