Life Magazine September 5, 1960 – Hemingway


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Life Magazine Cover : Ernest Hemingway.

  • This issue contains “The Dangerous Summer”, Part 1 of 3, story is about bull fighting and more, Hemingway’s actual travels.
  • Price of speed on highways is paid in Wilmont, Minnesota and South Hero, Vermont – horrible wreckage photo, includes photos of victims and families, Daigle, Decarreau, Landino, Paquette, Soutiere, John and Lola Voss, Schroer, Bunkers, Gerber, Buckner, others.
  • Two page Marlboro cigarettes ad with fly fishing theme.
  • Rule by rifle butt takes over in Congo confusion.
  • Two page Haggar slacks ad with very happy male model, looks a lot like Bing Crosby in “High Time” in August 15, 1960 LIFE.
  • Olympics open with pomp and a prank, an unscheduled sprinter.
  • Oscar Hammerstein dies, songwriter.
  • Ceylon’s lady prime minister Sirimavo – world’s first.
  • Two page color Swift’s Premium meats ad with the two biggest steaks you’ve ever seen.
  • Great photo of boys Greg Irvin and Donny Losby made up as aliens for “Twilight Zone.”
  • Princess Ira von Furstenburg has marital problems in Mexico.
  • Boatlike form seen near Mt. Ararat – Noah’s ark?
  • Color feature on ants, art by Rudolf Freund.
  • Unusual full page color Canadian Club ad inside back cover, with Howard Martinson and others sand skiing at Pasamayo Grande in Peru.
  • Nice story about Dirk Sanders and Annie Farge in Paris.
  • Photo of Peter White’s seven sons jumping into the water, Smithtown, New York.
  • Full page color Kraft Grape jelly ad with bowl of gorgeous grapes.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 5, 1960!
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