Life Magazine September 26, 1969 – New York Mets


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Life Magazine Cover : Jerry Koosman fires a fastball (Mets), fold-out cover has two separate baseball photos.

  • New York Mets baseball in the Stretch.
  • Three page color fold-out Ford ad with gold 1970 Torino car, plus four more color pages of other Torino models.
  • Violent looking photos of rugby taken by Aussie Whiting.
  • Astrology for devotees and doubters, the art in this piece reminds me of Salida, Colorado’s Brock Oyler’s work.
  • Neat full page color Huffy bicycle ad for the Slingshot bike with brakes and gears via levers similar to a stick shift car.
  • Full page Equitable Life Assurance company with photo of Tommy Glynn in jungle gym.
  • Many more big color car ads for 1970 models.
  • Lana Turner, back to work in stormy new TV series – The Survivors, photos include seventh husband Ronald Dante with his motorcycle.
  • Race crisis in the marine corps, Edward Bankston is beaten and dies, Hurtis Coleman (commenting on the Camp Lejeune problem) has a cross burned on his yard.
  • “Baby Ruthie” White – fencing finds a female phenomena, coach Steve Bujnovsky.
  • Those mad mod weddings.
  • Two 2-page spread ads for Ford Torino.
  • U.S.S. Manhattan breaks through the northwest passage – lured by Alaskan oil, includes neat photo of icebreaker in action.
  • Narwhal captured and now living in Coney Island.
  • Full page color Honda motorcycle ad for the Mini trail bike, with full-sized man riding it.
  • Hippy, Flower-child, Free-form weddings, including Elaine Hamilton and Francisco Sainz, George Gorner and Pamela Klein, Harvey Taylor Jr and Patty Welch, Laverne Thorpe and David Banks.
  • Obstinacy of Bill Schanen, a newspaper publisher in Port Washington on Lake Michigan, Ozaukee Country Press and Kaleidoscope, and underground newspaper.
  • Cute photo of tiny golfer Patty Anne Flattery.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 26, 1969!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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