Life Magazine September 26, 1938 – Clown, County Fair



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Cover : Clown, County Fair, Crazy House at Greenbrier Valley Fair, West Virginia (article also).

  • Talks at Hitler’s Bavarian Hideaway, Neville Chamberlain goes to Germany, Berchtesgaden.
  • Photos of the Miss America contestants, with names.
  • Two San Francisco store strikers are carried off picket duty.
  • Los Angeles Jitterbugs.
  • Roosevelt purge fizzles out in failure.
  • Maine’s governor campaigns to re-election.
  • Russia’s two-headed baby gives evidence on nature of sleep.
  • Life presents eight houses especially designed by famous American Architects (Richard Koch, Edward Stone, H. Roy Kelley, William Wilson Wurster, Royal Barry Wills, Frank Lloyd Wright, Aymar Embury II, Wallace K. Harrison, J. Andre Fouilhoux).
  • Houses designed for W. Alan Ramsey family of Atlanta, Paul Calvert family of Los Angeles, Albert R. Blackbourn family of Minneapolis, Davis P. Smith family of Wyncote, Pennsylvania.
  • Polo championship at Meadowbrook.
  • Beauties at Atlantic City.
  • Cool full page color Hiram Walker’s whiskey ad with fat tourist in purple coat and two bears.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine September 26, 1938!
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