Life Magazine September 25, 1939 – Britain’s Ironside



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Cover : Britain’s Ironside, chief of defense staff.

  • This is a Special Issue : the War World.
  • Full page H.J. Heinz company ad with illustration of interior of old-fashioned grocery store.
  • German bombers at Warsaw.
  • What America thinks about the war, results of Fortune magazine survey.
  • Map of war theatre. Strategies of Germany and the Allies.
  • Sea power, diagrams of British ships Warspite and Wallace.
  • Photos of who’s who in the war world, almost 40 faces of history-makers.
  • Two page color Plymouth ad with illustration by Ronal MacLeod, teal-colored car.
  • Two page color A&P Coffee ad, images in coffee fields, steps for roasting.
  • Bombers – the artillery of the air gets a chance to prove itself, with nice photo of Vickers-Wellington bomber.
  • Blockade of Germany.
  • Adolf Hitler – close-up.
  • Photo essay – American neutrality.
  • Birds of Prey – with Roger Tory Peterson prints of owls, vultures, condor, eagle, hawks, falcons, some in color, five pages.
  • Map of the “neutral world”.
  • Brief history of both British Empire and Germany.
  • Americans hate Hitlerism but strive to remain neutral.
  • “Dictionary” of modern warfare terms.
  • Full page Fletcher’s Castoria ad with poem about Little Rob Roy not wanting to take his laxative.
  • Full page RCA ad, Paul Revere could have stayed in bed if they’d only had radio.
  • German war memorials.
  • Life goes to a veterans hospital, C.C. Fraley of New Jersey, James O’Keefe of Jersey City, Milton Rogers of Boston, Joseph McCoy.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine September 25, 1939!
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