Life Magazine September 24, 1956 – Janet Blair


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Life Magazine Cover : Janet Blair appears on television as Comedian Sid Ceasar’s new wife.

  • Scientists at Westinghouse creating artificial lighting without bulbs, uses phosphor powder between glass.
  • Full page Lifebouy soap ad with offer for Mickey Mantle’s Batting Secrets book free.
  • The eyes of earth are trained on Mars as the planet comes nearer.
  • Boris Artzybasheff creates a fanciful illustration of life on Mars.
  • Full page color Arrow shirts ad, a woman’s most important accessory is a well-dressed man.
  • Phil Interlandi draws medical cartoons.
  • Photo essay – “Background for Segregation,” Part IV. Restraints on life, both open and hidden.
  • Photo essay – Fraternity rushing: University of Illinois.
  • Delirium over dead star, Jimmy Dean.
  • A blind dog gets seeing eyes.
  • The far-flung MacLeod clan meets in Scottish castle.
  • Airy Attire in the Arctic.
  • Romper Room goes on live in 43 cities.
  • Full page Jarman shoes ad.
  • Underwood portable typewriter, full page ad.
  • TV girls, Janet Blair, Lita Milan, Nancy Hadley, May Wynn, Sandra Rehn, more.
  • Cute article and photos about one dog leading a blind dog around to guide him, Smokey and Skippy and Mrs. Frances Poss.
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