Life Magazine September 22, 1958 – Gracie & George


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Life Magazine Cover : Gracie Allen and George Burns, Gracie retires.

  • Nixon family in their backyard – rare photos.
  • Harriman and Rockefeller race in New York by Theodore White.
  • Full page Sweet Heart soap ad in color, the mostly naked lady in a tub again.
  • Full page General Electric light bulbs ad with cute couple art by Frederick Siebel.
  • Neat full page Hiram Walker Imperial whiskey ad with one of those teeny cars, I think it has only three wheels.
  • Full page color Hertz rent-a-car ad with Tennis player Jack Kramer.
  • Boy in a murder enigma – 8-year-old Melvin Nimer may have murdered parents, Staten Island, New York.
  • Dabney vs. Dabbs on integration – the justices stand firm on integration, desegregation.
  • Photo of Angie Evans, student body president, speaking against segregationists.
  • Voters’ choice of millionaires.
  • Bright tights give dizzy-looking legs to college girls.
  • Convoy to Quemoy.
  • Neat photo of the special training of a three horse team owned by Cyrus Eaton and given to him by Nikita Khrushchev.
  • Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor.
  • Virginia opposes all integration of schools.
  • Nice full page color Manischewitz Fruit Wines ad.
  • Livable homes, part 2, more home plans.
  • The conference on peaceful uses of Atomic Energy held in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Salt Lake City youngsters enjoy soda debauch, includes Russell Curtis, Trosper’s Corner Drug store.
  • No doubt – photographic proof of crash between car and rhinoceros.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 22, 1958!
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