Life Magazine September 22, 1941 – Flying Fortress


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Life Magazine Cover : Eros Volusia, exotic folk dancer from Brazil.

  • Nice pairings of photos showing bombed areas in London and the areas after clean-up and repair.
  • Interesting full page color American Gas Association ad telling all the ways gas helps in the house.
  • Curious piece about the uproar caused by those who thought movie-makers were trying to drive the US to join the war.
  • New Flying Fortress airplane.
  • Italian prisoners in England, pleasant little piece.
  • French Manikins, models during war.
  • Full page Paul Jones whiskey ad with camel and motorcycle cop.
  • The unusual forts at Tobruch.
  • Another follow-up to the Margaret Curtis story (see LIFE September 9, 1940).
  • Harry Hopkins.
  • Nice article about landing boats to get troops to shore.
  • Full page color Texaco ad with the most idyllic baby ever.
  • Color and big-screen images open new horizon in television.
  • Ladies aid quilt pageant, including Mrs. Frank O. Holmes, Mrs. Walter Holmes, Mrs. H.C. Winter and others.
  • Record shipment of young apes swells US Gorilla population.
  • Great feature on the American housewife, including Jane Amberg of Kankakee, Illinois.
  • Nice full page color Van Heusen shirt ad with art by Fenton.
  • Sarah Palfrey Cooke wins women’s national tennis singles.
  • 207th regiment in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Cute photo of Georgia Carroll and William Evans.
  • Ever so charming photo of pregnant daschund dog with support for belly.
  • Full page Capehart phonograph radio ad with interpretation of the painting Finlandia by Bernard La Motte.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine September 22, 1941!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
  • Check out other LIFE magazines and let the fun continue.