Life Magazine September 21, 1942 – Zoot Suits outlawed


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Life Magazine Cover : Queen of Iran, Fawzia.

  • Real war on inflation starts, includes nice photo of Fred Meyer drugstore in Portland, Oregon.
  • Neat full page Packard engines ad with U-10 boat, Miss America X, PT boats.
  • Photo – Nazis hurl Tchaikovsky’s bust and music from his home near Moscow.
  • Army takes over Chicago’s Stevens Hotel for billeting.
  • WPB order ends production of Zoot suits and Juke Jackets because they waste fabric.
  • Nazi radio blasts neutral Sweden.
  • Georgia court.
  • Railroads at war.
  • Konigstein prison.
  • Teaching rifle marksmanship using multi-exposure photos.
  • WAVES uniforms.
  • Nice colorful two page Del Monte ad showing many of the fruits and vegetables you can get in glass (now that metal is needed for war).
  • Grand Jury in Lumpkin county, Georgia.
  • Floyd Davis.
  • Stage School – humorous photos of what you learn.
  • Nice full page color Studebaker Flying Fortress ad with art by Frederic (?).
  • Really neat full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad inside back cover with mountain climbing at Mt. Hood, Oregon.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine September 21, 1942!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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