Life Magazine September 2, 1957 – Balloonist


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Life Magazine Cover : Major David Simmons takes his own portrait as he reaches 100,000 feet in a balloon.

  • Photo essay – A jouncing tour of Kipling’s wild land, American journalists Pierre and Peggy Streit through Afghanistan, India and Nepal – Great Adventures series.
  • James Cagney in “Man of a thousand Faces,” creates movie biography of Lon Chaney, nice little photos of make-up process for Phantom of the Opera, more.
  • 50 exposure photo of Jill Feldser of Atlanta in her 100 bathing suits.
  • What really DID happen in David Steeves’ story of crashing and walking out of the Sierra Nevada?
  • Reform plan for schools.
  • Photo essay – The Asiatic flu.
  • To great heights in a hot air balloon – this is a REALLY neat story!
  • The man who hit too many home runs; Dick Stuart, Richard Lee Stuart.
  • Finless Edsels , the first new car brought out by a major U.S. manufacturer in almost twenty years.
  • Fashion: skirts get shorter.
  • A Low Level Dogfight.
  • Full page color ad Ballantine Light Ale.
  • Nice Howard Johnson’s ad, full page color.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 2, 1957!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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