Life Magazine September 18, 1970 – Top Pop Singers


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Life Magazine Cover :  Fold-out Cover – Top Pop Singers Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones plus Gordon Mills, nice feature on them and their pop music inside.

  • Three page color Ford ad with bronze Ford, silver Mustang, and gold Pinto 1971 cars.
  • Movie Review of Jack Nicholson’s new film “Five Easy Pieces.”
  • Cute full page color Gillette ad with monkey shaving a brave man.
  • Half page Olde Bourbon ad with old style baseball.
  • Full page Army recruiting ad – hard to believe anyone would join after these bad wars.
  • Palestinian guerillas hijack big jet airliners, a Pan American 747, includes photo of highjacker Leila Khaled, also TWA and Swissair jets in Jordan.
  • State University of Wisconsin physics lab destroyed by a terrorist bomb, photos includes physicist Joseph R. Dillinger.
  • Fashion – dog collars for women, chokers.
  • Really colorful Campbell’s Vegetable Sup ad, full page.
  • Young black Chicago policeman Renault Robinson.
  • Visit to hurricane Camille-damaged Mississippi Gulf Coast one year later.
  • Centerfold color Ford ad with 1971 Mercury Cougar.
  • Parting Shots – strong-fisted war protester Kathy Huppe, elected Miss Montana, barred from Miss America contest.
  • Full page Ayds weight loss ad with Ellen Clausing Jepertinger.
  • The new amniotic tests for not-yet-born babies.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 18, 1970!
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