Life Magazine September 18, 1964 – Sophia Loren


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Life Magazine Cover : Sophia Loren at her new villa, Sophia and Carlo at home in Italy, many color photos of interiors and exteriors.

  • Half page ad for movie “Of Human Bondage” with Kim Novak and Laurence Harvey.
  • Desert war in Arabia – many-sided struggle with no end in sight.
  • Near auto strike in Detroit, agreement includes birthdays off for Chrysler workers.
  • Election in Chile.
  • Skipper of the Sovereign is also a famous ornithologist and painter, Peter Scott of Britain, son of Captain Robert Falcon Scott who died on the way back from the South Pole.
  • Cleveland Browns fullback Jimmie Brown turns movie star in Rio Conchos.
  • Barbara Hepworth, sculptor, creates massive abstract works in bronze, wood, and stone.
  • The relentless specter of Bertolt Brecht and his creation Mother Courage.
  • Madcap Chelsea – New York’s most illustrious third-rate hotel, illustration by flora.
  • The dangers of declaring election winner by computer, early “results” could sway election.
  • Charlie McCarthy’s sister, Edgar Bergen’s daughter Candace “Candy” is a model with aspirations to photography, fashion.
  • Full page color Premium Saltines ad with package of crackers in a basket full of wet vegetables.
  • Two page color Motorola Color/65 TV ad, get the look of tomorrow right now.
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