Life Magazine September 17, 1945 – MacArthur


Magazine Condition : Fair (All Very Good, but has library stamps)

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Life Magazine Cover : General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

  • Commander of Japan.
  • Japan signs the surrender.
  • Effects of Atomic Bomb, photos show people walking around in probably radioactive debris.
  • Very nice full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Jan Clayton on a carousel horse.
  • Scotland celebrates 200th anniversary of last stand against British.
  • Commodore Perry’s mission to Japan.
  • Lord Keynes.
  • US grooms young tennis stars, Herbie Flam, Nancy Chaffee, Bob Falkenburg, Buddy Behrens, Shirley Fry, Nancy Morrison, others.
  • Very cute full page color Fisk Tires ad with boy on roller skates, art by Howard Scott.
  • Ballet costumes inspire college clothes.
  • Edward Laning.
  • Tom Cragi.
  • Toledo plans future city.
  • Coronagraph reveals suns crown.
  • Sis Dickerson – Texas police officer.
  • Cute photos of the baby daughter of Enid S. Powell (Yonkers) in a frilly little dress.
  • Full page color Goodyear Lifeguards tires ad with “Man who is almost a safe driver.”
  • Full page color Capehart ad with New York Yankees Mike Garbark, George Stirnweiss, Hank Borowy, and Nick Etten (baseball).
  • Nice full page color Ford ad with family planning trip, in crystal ball.
  • Los Angeles button club.
  • Really nice full page color Pacific sheets ad with woman playing records, art by Gannam.
  • The town of New Harmony, Indiana.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 17, 1945!
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