Life Magazine September 14, 1959 – Astronauts


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Life Magazine Cover : Seven American Astronauts.

  • First-person report by the Astronauts – start of exclusive stories on epochal mission to space, lots of great photos including the contour couches, Slayton and Grissom smoking.
  • Interesting photo of guards at Buckingham Palace, now they surreptitiously look around for tormentors, they are supposed to look straight ahead.
  • Full page ad that is an invitation by F. E. Compton & Company to apply for one of the 8500 jobs that are going to be available.
  • Killings by a teen-age “Cape Man” stun New York with a continuation of senseless gang brutality.
  • Very pretty full page color A & P Coffee ad with eight gorgeous cups and saucers.
  • Laos faces beefed-up Communist onslaught.
  • Skindivers discover wreck of a Spanish galleon in waters off Bermuda.
  • Russian Orthodox Church – photo essay.
  • Ford Falcon – new economy car.
  • Chinese student Chheng Guan Lim describes his self-exile in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • A multi-page ad for all electric living with the Bob Campbell family in a Medallion home, and much more – this is a major piece.
  • Two page color General Electric ad with an entirely pink kitchen.
  • Suzy Parker and fashion.
  • Interesting full page color Tussy skin care ad with art by Morrow.
  • Tennis loses its audience.
  • Yael Dayan of Israel.
  • Hickory Island near Detroit – summer fun.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 14, 1959!
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