Life Magazine September 13, 1948 – Tito


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Life Magazine Cover : Marshal Tito in his Yugoslav hide-out.

  • Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Pat Boyd, Mrs. Buckalew and her son Bruce.
  • Another cute full page Sanforized fabrics ad “September Moan” with art by Gregori.
  • LOVELY full page color Cannon Percale Sheets ad with new fly fisherman, a woman.
  • Full page color Kleenex tissues ad with cartoon character Lulu, art by Marjorie Henderson Buell (by Marge).
  • South gets rough with Wallace.
  • Charming little photo piece of lost little boy, Donny Hart at the Palisades Amusement Park in Fort Lee, New Jersey, policeman Charles Lahm, plus little girl named Vic (named for V-E day) and police officer Mike Okin.
  • Really sad photo of accidental death – suicide of pair of brothers hunting, Ronald Earnest and Ralph Earnest, San Diego.
  • Historic Protestant world council in Amsterdam.
  • Glen Cove’s favorite son is saved from prosecution as a sheep and chicken killer, a St. Bernard dog named Teddy.
  • Curious photo of man being swept along Broadway into a subway entrance by water flooding from a broken water main (August 29).
  • Churchill visits Kent county fair.
  • Lovely full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Susan Hayward.
  • Actor Robert Mitchum, Vickie Evans, Lila caught with marijuana, “muggles.”
  • Perryopolis, Pennsylvania inherits a fortune from Mary Fuller Frazier.
  • Neat full page color Lee work clothes ad with coveralls.
  • Hell Drivers – sports, stunt drivers, Joie Chitwood’s Auto Daredevils, includes a flaming motorcycle jump.
  • Fuller Brush girls peddle new cosmetics, Fullerettes, Joan Donahue.
  • House-moving party, Alice Blackburn.
  • Quite a lovely two page color Air Step shoe ad with numerous models.
  • Feature on 18th century England.
  • French Riviera.
  • Great feature on Frank Bergen, World of Mirth carnival.
  • Half page Stinson airplane ad with John Hudspeth family.
  • Airborne hospital in a C-47, School of Aviation Medicine.
  • Greek people in the long war.
  • Tulsa riding club, including Retha Sunday, Jimmy Hatfield, Judy Clemmons, more.
  • Hitchhiking technique with Charley Luogomano.
  • Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with stunt flier Betty Skelton.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 13, 1948!
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