Life Magazine September 12, 1960 – Olympians


Magazine Condition : Fair (All Good, but cover has a small edge chip and one inside page is neatly loose, nothing missing.)

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Life Magazine Cover : Doris Fuchs and Sharon Richardson of US Olympic team in Stadio dei Marmi.

  • Ernest Hemingway’s “The Dangerous Summer” Part 2 of 3.
  • The finest Olympic show ever, with photos of runners Frank Budd, Dave Sime, Ray Norton, track stadium, swimming hall, Ingrid Kramer, swimmer Paula Jean Pope, Bob Peck, Carolyn Wood, John Thomas, Vera Krepkina, Elvira Ozolina, Bill Nieder, Robert Shavlakadze, Bicycle racers Knud Enemark Jensen (who died – this started a doping scandal), his teammate Neils Baunsoe, and others.
  • Very nice full page color Burgermeister Beer ad with boat Burgie II, art by C. Allen.
  • Racial fury over sit-ins flares up in Jacksonville.
  • Handsome two page color Volkswagon ad with bright red van, the shape of trucks to come.
  • Clinging Dakkochan doll takes over Japan.
  • Photo essay – the people of the US / Canadian border, includes photos of Billman Jones, Hurd Mason Cooper, Henry Clark, Evariste Cloutier, Adrien Baufford, others.
  • Greer Garson is Mrs. Roosevelt in movie “Sunrise at Campobello.”
  • Unusual two page color Top Value stamps ad with elephant pulling sleigh in snow.
  • Close-up – Theodore Green.
  • Fall fashions in Paris.
  • Devil Pups – boys at Marine Corps Camp in Pendleton, California.
  • Very cute photo of two European brown bears cubs playing in a puddle.
  • Nice full page color 7up ad.
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