Life Magazine September 12, 1938 – Prussian soldier


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Cover : Prussian soldier in Hungary.

  • Hitler and Horthy.
  • Full page fashion ad for Herald of Fashion.
  • Letters and photos to the editor pertaining to the “Hair-up” hair style, right and wrong.
  • Mechanized British Dragoon kisses his horse goodbye, a photo of a literal kiss.
  • “$30 every Thursday” causes California upset, a new pension plan.
  • Purge fails in South Carolina as Red Shirts ride again, this is a story about an election, White Supremacy, Senatory Ellison DuRant Smith “Cotton Ed.”
  • Photo of a Ku Klux Klan cross burning in Lakeland, Florida.
  • A rodeo in Nebraska, includes Sammy Stuart, Bill Harvey, Carl Dykes.
  • A Panay hero gets a medal, Arthur Ferdinand Anders.
  • Hilda the Elephant falls into 25 foot moat at Brooklyn Zoo.
  • Neat photo of Great Dane dogs at the beach, but they are labeled Dalmatians.
  • Gorgeous full color, full page International Truck ad with five different truck.
  • John Roosevelt goes to work in Filene’s basement.
  • Photo essay – Hungary.
  • The three Lane sisters.
  • Movie – Four daughters.
  • Test match sets new Cricket record.
  • Golfer Charles Yates of Atlanta.
  • British Half-miler Sydney Wooderson sets world record running record.
  • Polaroid – how it makes light behave.
  • How to do the Lambeth walk, a dance, demonstrated by Mrs. Sherman Jenney and Prince Serge Obolensky.
  • A party with Banker Gibson at North Conway, New Hampshire.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine September 12, 1938!
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