Life Magazine September 1, 1958 – Nautilus Commander


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Life Magazine Cover : Commander Anderson and his “Nautilus” submarine.

  • Epic voyage of the Nautilus with color photos by Commander Anderson (see also LIFE August 18, 1958).
  • A great full page color Post Grape-nuts flakes cereal ad with hopscotch art by Dick Sargent.
  • Quite an interesting series of photos of Gary Cooper looking like someone else.
  • Beneath the North Pole by Paul O’Neil.
  • Awesome look of undersea warfare.
  • Full page color Blue Bell clothing ad with four different bicycles.
  • The brothels, gambling and more of Terre Haute, Indiana, mayor Ralph Tucker.
  • Part of the big railroad causeway across the Great Salt Lake in Utah collapses.
  • Big bettors of U.S. hide as they are called before federal Grand Jury (Terre Haute, Indiana).
  • Little Rock’s court cases, Arkansas, segregation, integration.
  • Hollywood executives thwart the marriage of two young actors – Andra Martin and Ty Hardin.
  • Big Henry Harris watches his son lose to Patterson in the boxing ring.
  • Latest fall fashions.
  • Birthday party for Mary Roebling.
  • Missiles launched from a submarine, Polaris.
  • Article on high fashion with hometown girls posing – Cynthia Davis, Sharon Hamblin, Liz Skuster, Kay Patterson, Marty Moyer, Pat Raley, Jean Davis, Ellen Cooper, Robert Montgomery, Helen Harrington.
  • Great full page color Coca-Cola ad with two older ladies in a fancy yellow convertible, art by Hughes.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine September 1, 1958!
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