Life Magazine October 6, 1972 – Football Pros


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Life Magazine Cover : Football player Bob Lilly.

  • Rough, tough NFL pros – a gallery of Sunday heroes without their masks or pads, Dick Butkus, Larry Csonka, Alan Page, Bob Lilly, Charlie Sanders, Willie Lanier.
  • Bright children who can’t learn and how to help them, includes Center School in New Jersey – this is a big piece.
  • Way cool, Neat two page photo of Lime-Yellow fire truck, Freeport, New York.
  • Two page photo – Fiery plane crash in California, F86 Sabrejet crashes into ice cream parlor.
  • North Vietnam lives with the bombing.
  • Photos and clips from 1951.
  • George McGovern fights to survive his early mistakes.
  • Supergraphics spruce up old city buildings, murals by Alexander Pollock.
  • Jerome Holland becomes director of New York stock exchange.
  • Retrospectively odd full page Vantage cigarettes ad that rather poo-poos the idea of giving up smoking because it is unhealthy.
  • Nice full page color L&M cigarettes ad with parachutist.
  • Swimmer Mark Spitz is worth $5 million.
  • Neat full page color Canadian Club ad inside back cover with Jeff Jobe (Seattle) hang gliding with skis in New Zealand.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 6, 1972!
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