Life Magazine October 5, 1959 – Khrushchev


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Life Magazine Cover : Premier Khrushchev and his Iowa host, Roswell Garst, with Henry Cabot Lodge, yuk it up in a comic interlude on the big tour of America.

  • Photo essay – The Franklin Papers – LIFE presents a fresh portrait of the immortal Ben, based on the continuing publication of all his writings, Part I of a series.
  • Interesting photos and story related to bank robbery at the Cleveland Trust, includes Bonnie, Marilyn and Mrs. Fox, William Ansley.
  • Very interesting full page color Maidenform bra ad with medieval tapestry theme.
  • Neat two page color Fresh-frozen orange juice sweepstakes, featuring a freezer full of money.
  • Full page Skippy peanut butter ad with tongue-in-cheek endorsement by baseball player Casey Stengel.
  • Twelve page Chrysler ad, almost all words.
  • Photo essay – The confused image America presents – U.S. fumbles world leadership because it forgets its own principles.
  • The curious story about the Stanley Spector family and Lynn Kauffman, missing from the ship Utrecht.
  • Nice full page color Tussy cream deodorant ad with art by Morrow.
  • Boating the Colorado River, heading upstream from Lake Mead, Bill Cooper, Chuck Fester, Jim Beardmore, Jim Pfluger, good photos.
  • The US rocket plane X-15, including a neat photo of it detaching from beneath an B-52 which had carried it.
  • Fashion, Margaret Sullavan.
  • Movies – Gina Lollobrigida plays the Queen of Sheba, one of these photos is just astoundingly sexy.
  • Lord Beaverbrook gives an art gallery to his home town of Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • Full page color Barley and Malt institute beer ad with art by Howard Terpning.
  • Feature on Joan Crawford.
  • The “Holiday in Japan” spectacle in Las Vegas, with Rie Taniuchi.
  • Halfback’s Bandstand Play – Halfback Jack Ray of Nashville, Tennessee runs the football straight into the band.
  • Really nice two page color Chevrolet Impala ad.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 5, 1959!
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