Life Magazine October 4, 1963 – DNA Molecule


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Life Magazine Cover : The mysterious DNA molecule.

  • Scientists close in on the secret of Life, model-maker Ted Klotz builds a beautiful model of DNA strand for article’s illustrations.
  • Full page color Avon for Men ad introduces Tribute line.
  • Jackie Robinson scouts the World Series and gives advice, photos of Koufax, Whitey Ford, more.
  • Coastguard Cutter 322 tears up Provincetown harbor in a storm.
  • Did Roy Cohn lie? – McCarthy’s investigator charged.
  • Shipwreck of Soviet wheat.
  • Fischer quints are doing just fine.
  • Sweden’s princess enrolls at Radcliffe.
  • Soap opera drama heats up between Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, and Burton’s wife Sybil.
  • New York Philharmonic plays in Lincoln Center Hall with better sound.
  • Krebiozen answer – government acts in a drug controversy.
  • Margaret Rutherford at 71.
  • Whitney Darrow Jr.’s funny book on Freud.
  • Lindbergh and rocketry, he was silent partner of American space pioneer, Dr. Robert H. Goddard.
  • Rudi Gernreich wins fashion award.
  • Two page color Ford ad has Charlie Brown and Linus in corner Peanuts comic strip.
  • “My Fair Lady” is first Broadway musical in Japan, with Enry Shiggins and Eriza.
  • “A Child’s Guide to Freud,” by Louise Armstrong and illustrated by Whitney Darrow, Jr.
  • Full page color Ethyl Corporation ad with great photo of child looking up at enormous trees in Sequoia National Park.
  • Clever full page color Volkswagen bug ad, to make a ’54 look like a ’64 just paint it!
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