Life Magazine October 3, 1949 – Football


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Life Magazine Cover : Football Roundup – Charles Justice of North Carolina.

  • Cute half page color Barbasol shaving creme ad with football player and cheerleader.
  • Nemo adjustable waist foundations ad, only 1/4 page but wow, what a woman!
  • Cute photo of Doris E. Trrobnick (Annandale, Virginia) with note about how to wear a bikini swimming suit.
  • Two pages of sexy photos of girls in the Ken Murray vaudeville revue “Blackouts” – dressed as if for sports, skiing (Jean Marshall), golf (Joan Morley), baseball (Consuelo Cezon), hiking (Joann and Jean Corbett), more.
  • US detects nuclear blast in Russia.
  • Children with Polio isolated, photos show parents peeping in through windows, including Don Fisher (Chariton, Iowa), Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Hutchison, Joey Hemminger, Mrs. Joe C. Blaha, Raymond Blank Memorial Hospital, in Des Moines.
  • Full page color World Book Encyclopedia ad with art by Lockhart.
  • Viking rocket flies to 33 miles.
  • Nice full page page of Jackie Robinson being kicked out of the game by an umpire, baseball.
  • Rich lifestyles, Nancy V. McClelland, William Pahlmann, Robsjohn-Gibbings.
  • Fashion extremes of 1949.
  • College football review, Al Wietert, Walter Teninga, Richard Kempthorn, Doak Walker, Jim Owens, Leon Hart, Arnold Galiffa.
  • Feature on animals in trouble, broken bones, more shenanigans, including dog named Yankee, race horse named Gotta Gal.
  • Article on Edward V. Rickenbacker and Eastern Air Lines economies.
  • Neat article showing how three different decorators would do the same room, Nancy V. McClelland, William Pahlmann, Robsjohn-Gibbings.
  • Full page color Hart Schaffner & Marx suits with art by Tom Hall.
  • Full color Schlitz ad with cowboy theme.
  • American finds mountain higher than Everest by Leonard Francis Clark – Amnyi Machen.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 3, 1949!
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