Life Magazine October 29, 1956 – Anne Boleyn


Magazine Condition :
Good (Boleyn cover)
Fair (Plane crash cover. All Good, but has small library stamps throughout)


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Life Magazine Cover :  COVER 1. Plane crash rescue at sea.   COVER 2. Anne Boleyn.
Two different covers were printed for this issue, content appears to be the same.

Here is a quote from the July 1988 issue of LIFE magazine that describes the Oct. 29, 1956 cover change :
“The last-minute plane rescue was substituted for Anne Boleyn (second wife of England’s King Henry VIII) on most covers. But to meet distribution schedules to distant areas – the magazine was shipped by train at that time – more than a million of the original covers were circulated.” – ED

  • Sir Winston Churchill writes of King Henry VIII and his romantic misadventures – Volume 2 of “History of the English-speaking peoples.”
  • Pacific plane crash of Pan American flight 943 of “Sovereign of the Skies,” the last five hours and an unbelievable rescue at sea, including photos of Hiroshi Shiga, Jane and Richard Gordon and twins, with text about pilot Richard W. Ogg, stewardesses Mary Ellen Daniel, purser Patricia Reynolds, and Katherine Araki.
  • Texas and football, with photos of Martin Adams and wife, Robert E. Lee High School of Baytown, drill team, Jim Swink.
  • Mask makers show how to be very very scary at Halloween, with Sandra Person.
  • MIT uses a masticating machine for testing tenderness.
  • Progress on a better polio vaccine with Dr. Hilary Koprowski, Dr. Andrew Hunt Jr., nurse Ruth Lorenzo.
  • Swaps, a real thoroughbred, tries to pull through as his fractured leg is given elaborate medical care.
  • Close-up : William J. Brennan Jr, Supreme Court judge.
  • Big day for the Camargo Hunt, Cincinnati socialites.
  • Neat 3 page ad about setting automobile performance records at Salt Flat with 1957 Fords, John Bodine, Danny O’Brien, Danny Eames, Chuck Stevenson.
  • Neat story about Lorraine Rogers, actress.
  • Awesome two page full color Pan American airline ad with Hawaiian outrigger boat by Norman Rockwell!
  • Audition process for movie “Saint Joan.”
  • Nice photo of Garry Washington and William Rainey plastering a ceiling while standing on stilts.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 29, 1956.
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