Life Magazine October 22, 1965 – Mary Martin


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Life Magazine Cover : Mary Martin in Vietnam, Hello Dolly and hell on the ground.

  • Airborne soldiers are trapped in “Iron Triangle” in a Vietnam ambush.
  • Hubert Humphrey briefly takes over as LBJ undergoes gall bladder surgery.
  • Disorders in Crawfordville, Georgia.
  • A football first, the Twin tower play – Cornell players stand on shoulders to try to block goal.
  • Vikings’ view of New World, when America was called Vinlanda.
  • Bravura year for Italian fashion.
  • Military academy in Texas operates Marine style, Harlingen, Texas.
  • Joe Don Looney is football’s most talked about player.
  • Pat Neal, actress and wife of author Roald Dahl, survives a terrible calamity, a stroke while pregnant.
  • New light on dolphins, tuning in on their talk and sonar.
  • Nice full page color Rambler ad with blue American convertible.
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