Life Magazine October 20, 1961 – Communism


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Life Magazine Cover : Eight communist leaders.

  • Photo essay – Communism, Part 1. Cute (grim?) photo of three youngsters building a play Berlin wall, Peter Friedrich, Jurgen Bottcher, and Katrin Kuhl.
  • Hunting season opens, Dove hunting, including photos of Helen Rome, Jo Barrousse, Hank Harkins, Mrs. Melvin Thrash, Mrs. Charles Burns and others.
  • Red stamp hoax.
  • In color – Broadway’s “West Side Story.”
  • Wild fabric patterns.
  • Lifesaving heart pump.
  • Steve Linner.
  • Curtis LeMay, general.
  • Rocket-powered flying belt.
  • Parachutists Charles Bonnay, Daniel Camus, and Jacques Dubourg land on top of Mont Blanc.
  • Kids at a Space show, Thomas Sepp, Marianne Sangesland, and “My God, they launched the wrong rocket.”
  • Full page Volkwagen bug car ad with ways to tell a 1961 from a 1962.
  • Beautiful full page color Dodge Dart 440 car ad with red four-door.
  • Cute photo of David Nowak kissing bride Darlene as his train pulled away.
  • Broadway musical “West Side Story.”
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art moved an 800-year-old apse from Spain to New York City.
  • St. Bernard dog Hughey belonging to Fritz Connor of Columbus, Ohio meets a chipmunk.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 20, 1961!
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