Life Magazine October 20, 1952 – Italy’s starlets


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Life Magazine Cover : Lucia Bosé – New crop of beauties in Italy’s film boom.

  • Letter and photo to editor about Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Atomic bomb orphan adopted by Ben N. Fuson and wife.
  • Full page color portrait of Queen Elizabeth done by Douglas Chandor.
  • Political races, including a number of photos from Richland county, Ohio, Earl and Stanley Huston, Farmers Orly Amstutz, with sons Dean, Lester and Wayne, more.
  • Juvenile cruelty encases a cat in plaster – South Bend, Indiana, cat was finally OK, parents paid vet bills.
  • Penn beats Princeton in Nation’s big football game.
  • Train wreck near London – commuters, two express trains, 108 people died.
  • Adirondacks in autumn – photo essay.
  • Michael Patrick O’Brien, trapped without a passport on the ferryboat Lee Hong, goes back and forth between Hong Kong and Macao, but can’t get off – like Tom Hanks in the movie Terminal.
  • Two page color General Motors ad with art by Melbourne Brindle.
  • World Series Stare – people can hardly move away from the TV during the Yankee Dodger baseball week, lots of photos.
  • Full page color Jell-o ad with cowboy art by Whitney Darrow, Jr.
  • Actress Beatrice Lillie.
  • Incentives help insane – medicine.
  • Clear Plastic boxcar so handlers can see freight damage as they cause it.
  • Confederate General Stewart is found guilty.
  • French Cave produces a bonanza in neolithic human bones – near Treves, close to cave with caving fatality (see LIFE September 1, 1952).
  • Big Marion Davies party.
  • Full page Sanforized fabrics ad with cartoon art by Mary Gibson.
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